DG ISPR dismisses Hasil Bizenjo’s remarks as ‘unfounded’

RAWALPINDI: The Director General of Public Relations Public Services (ISPR), General of Asif Ghafoor Division, described on Friday the accusations of Senator Mir Get Bizenjo as unfounded.

Following the secret vote in the Senate on Thursday, the army media spokesman’s comments followed Bizenjo’s comments.

Senate President Sadiq Sanjrani and Vice President Salim Mandviwala survived the dissenting resolutions presented against him.

Last month, the opposition filed a motion of distrust against Senate President Sanjrani to give the federal government a political setback in an effort to end it.

However, the antitrust movement against Sanjrani failed to obtain the 53 votes necessary to expel him. 50 votes were received in favor of the resolution, of which five were rejected.

The opposition has described the failure of the movement’s confidence as “horse trade” and “attack on democracy.”

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, there was a motion of no confidence against the president of the Senate, demanding that he resign his position.

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