IHK’s grim reality

The terrible predictions of observers from Kashmir and human rights groups have proved to be true. The special status granted to Kashmir in India under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was annulled by a Senate resolution in a move to avoid the legal process of constitutional amendment. India is prepared to forcibly convert Kashmir into the territory of the Union in violation of all its obligations, including the commitments made by the United Nations.

The decision and presidential order were used to deprive the Jammu and Kashmir Society of the right to comment on the changes required in their mandate. At the same time, a bill in parliament called for the separation of Ladakh from J & K, but if this justified the division of territories on the basis of faith, it was not something BJP leaders could lose and reassure him of his own powers of intimidation after his electoral victory Earlier this year. Not only that, but they also drew strength from India’s image in the international community as a booming capitalist model.

The changes reduce IHK to the state of the colony. The special situation enjoyed by the region since 1954 was essentially a measure to protect against any attempt to change the demographic composition of Muslim-majority Kashmir. His cancellation of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s invasion of the valley could mean his current combat temperament.

The measure will have violent consequences. Cashmeremen have shown in recent months that although many supporters have given up, their ability to hold the power of their occupants has not been diminished yet. In fact, the tricks, power, tricks used by BJP are fueled by fires. Pakistan has promised a campaign against new developments, which the world must know is brewing. For some time, serious concern has been expressed about the latest Indian action in the IHK. Pakistanis will ask their government exactly what happened, specifically in any context Kashmir was presented, at the recent meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Donald Trump.

In fact, Islamabad is advised to link its support for the normalization of Afghanistan in the scenario after the US withdrawal with Kashmir. It is said to be easier to do given the current sense of global indifference towards IHK. He watched the world silently as thousands of soldiers moved into the disputed valley they had occupied in recent days. I realized little, although there may not be a more rude version of how the majority lives according to ideological principles based on the fear of a minority present in Kashmir today.

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