Trump again offers to mediate between Pakistan, India on Kashmir issue

WASHINGTON: The president of the United States, Donald Trump, again offered to mediate between Pakistan and India in the Kashmir dispute.

The president of the United States was referring to his meeting last week with Prime Minister Imran Khan, where he offered to help solve the Kashmir problem.

India rejected the offer making it clear that there can be no third party intervention on the issue. However, Pakistan welcomed him.

Political storm in India when Trump says Modi requested mediation in Kashmir

“Well, that depends on … it depends on Prime Minister Modi. And I met with Prime Minister Khan; I got along very well, I think they are fantastic people, Khan and Modi. I mean, I imagine they can get along very well. “, He said.

Pakistan has often sought third-party mediation in the decades-long dispute that has cost tens of thousands of lives, but the idea is anathema to India, which insists that the problem can only be resolved bilaterally.

Trump had unleashed a political storm in India by stating during a meeting at Washington Prime Minister Imran that Modi had asked him two weeks ago to mediate in the Kashmir dispute.

“I will say we have a very good relationship with India. I know your relationship was a little tense … maybe a lot,” Trump had said. “But we’ll talk about India, it will be a big part of today’s conversation.”

Trump welcomes Prime Minister Imran to the White House, offers to mediate the Kashmir dispute

Prime Minister Imran on his official visit to the United States, further agitated the controversy by saying that Kashmir could only be resolved with outside help.

“Bilaterally, there will never be (the end of the Kashmir conflict),” Prime Minister Imran told Fox News, adding that Pakistan and India were “separated.”


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